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So the curtain on my window has come off in a weird way and this morning the sun was shining in through that in the shape of a heart!

and the number of my followers is…

and the number of my followers is…


do u ever just look at your hand

andheavenwaits said: CSI ;)

Haha, I haven’t watched that much of it but… :) It’s been a few years and definitely on my never-ending watchlist :D

  • favorite male character: Greg
  • favorite female character: Probably Cath too, I really liked her, especially when she had a crush on Warrick ;)
  • least favorite character: Ecklie - I totally hated him, especially in the books :D
  • favorite ship: Hodges and.. Wendy? (I had to imdb it :D But I remember some cute episode with them..)
  • favorite friendship: Nick and Warrick
  • favorite quote: I think it was from Catherine from that episode where she had a crush on Warrick and she found out he was engaged/married - but you must know what I’m talking about :D
    The thing that makes a fantasy great is the possibility it might come true. And when you lose that possibility it just… kinda… sucks.
  • worst character death (if any): I agree - Warrick :(
  • saddest moment: probably the same - and I’m sure there were many more. But anyway I’m planning to watch the whole show one day :D
    Thanks :)

give me a fandom and i’ll tell you

  • favorite male character
  • favorite female character
  • least favorite character
  • favorite ship
  • favorite friendship
  • favorite quote
  • worst character death (if any)
  • saddest moment

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So why is Karkaroff’s hand on Neville’s shoulder?

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I’m copying this from this person, but they stole it from someone else, so yeah. It’s super cute. 

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if you don’t keep your promise i swear to god


i reblogged it less than an hour ago hOW THE FUCK DID YOU MANAGE THAT

already at 70000 notes? Doubt you will follow through this far after its started.




i cant believe youre still human

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what if spam emails are messages from the future and we delete them because we don’t know the sender?

Watching DW:Midnight and neighbours banging furniture above

Is it called Stockholm Syndrome because once you go to Stockholm you never wanna leave?

I know I’m probably overreacting but today was just baaaaaaaaaad.

I could barely stay awake, I felt so tired.

Though I felt like for a change I looked OK and even my hair stood like I wanted it to (that happens like once a year). Still, my crush haven’t even looked at me twice so I guess I should give up on obsessing over him because it kinda leads to nowhere.

I also fucked up the dinner I wanted to make so now I’m even more hungry but also not that hungry anymore, and when my mum came home and I told her I had a shit day, she pointed the knife at me that she was using to cut the bread and said she was joking. Yeah, great way to cheer me up…

I think I just need to give up on this week overall, it’s been too stressful. Everything’s been too stressful… and I know I’m an idiot for not being able to talk about these with anyone properly, but… I don’t know if I need to.

At least the next day is usually better.

ok how about Pettigrew

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